Friday, 17 August 2012

Poems Cross Boundaries

Poems cross boundaries, as well as make nothing happen.

The mainly short lyric poems in this book came about at various times over the last fifteen years. A few relate to eastern Europe and Russia and the resilience of people there during the so-called transition years, others were inspired by people I came across, and several are more intimately connected to events in my life. 

One of my abiding concerns is to do with the rift between humanity and the natural world whereby we now live in times where we are so often constrained to see and experience nature either as wilderness or as decorative tapestry, rather than people relating to and responding through their ordinary living senses and awareness to the world around, beneath and above.  Some of the poems reflect this, and for those who want to explore further in poetry or prose, it is worth looking at Scottish Centre for Geopoetics

It is not a new thought that how we care for each other and for the land on which we live are related, but I believe the act of both reading and writing poems is part of keeping mindfulness of planet and people alive in a refusal to accept the commodification of all that exists. 

By Leaves Entwined 

Poems by Gordon Peters, Price: £4.90 [inc.p&p] 

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